Private Label

Your prestigious brand name and our exquisite product quality can make a fantastic duo.

Freshee offers private labelling services for aluminium foil rolls. We are a third-party manufacturer, which manufactures goods under another brand name. We also design and manufacture product packaging for private label partners. The packaging of a product defines the brand, and we at Freshee aspire to offer new definitions of brilliance. With cutting edge production technology, our products are one of the best in the market and will definitely cater to your quality needs.

To make sure that your brand retains the exclusivity that you’re looking for we provide upgradable and customized packaging options that give the products a premium and signature look. Our experience with some of the leading suppliers in the industry helps us achieve in-depth knowledge about the industry and its needs, which helps us provide better services to our customers. We offer a vast variety of packaging choices and an option to customize designs for a one-of-a- kind look for absolute distinctiveness of your product.