Freshee 50 Pre-Cut 220 x 250mm Aluminium Foil Sheets Pack of 2, Multipurpose use


    • 50 Pre-cut 220 x 250mm aluminium foil preserves food’s warmness, freshness and aroma for longer duration
    • Thickness to keep your food 100% bacteria free and taste intact
    • All Freshee aluminium foil roll comes with a special cutter for easier use
    • BRC-certified quality food grade foil that is 100% recyclable, hygienic, and bacteria resistant
    • Aluminium foil is used for the domestic kitchen, freezing, wrapping, grilling, storing, packing, decorating, etc.
    • Commercially extensively used for catering services, hotels, cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, railways, schools, company canteen, coffee shops etc


Benefits of Freshee Aluminium Foil Sheets

      1. Freshee foil wrapping is ideal for anyone who is storing food that will be reheating it in the near future. Since aluminium foil can withstand high temperatures, it makes this freshee food packing material the best foil for the job.
      2. The ease of packaging your food with freshee aluminum foil is what makes it the most ideal house hold and food industry item. It forms easily around any shape and takes just a few seconds to complete the packaging process.
      3. Freshee Aluminium foil is impervious to moisture, light, bacteria and all gases. Because of it’s ability to block out bacteria and moisture especially, it helps the food last longer than if it were wrapped in plastic.
      4. Environment Safe – Freshee Aluminium foil isn’t a huge problem with regards to waste, as aluminium is a natural part of the environment and animals won’t eat it and suffer, unlike plastic.


Product Dimensions‏:

25 x 22 x 0.1 cm; 50 Grams

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