Freshee Aluminium Foil 21000sqcm 11 micron Thick Kitchen Foil


  • Aluminium foil preserves food’s warmness, freshness, and aroma for a longer duration Assured 10.5 microns thickness to keep your food 100% bacteria-free and taste intact
  • All Freshee aluminum foil roll comes with a special cutter for easier use BRC Certified quality food-grade foil that is 100% Recyclable, Hygenic, and Bacteria Resistant Aluminium foil used for the domestic kitchen, freezing, Wrapping, Grilling, Storing, Packing, Decorating, etc.
  • Commercially extensively used for Catering services, Hotels, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Railways, Schools, Company canteen, coffee shops etc.
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Freshee Aluminium Kitchen Foil is a quality food-grade product that is 100% recyclable, hygienic, and bacteria-resistant. Freshee Kitchen Foils are manufactured according to the highest global standards to keep your food fresher and safer for longer.